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Our Wines

2017 Selections

Wild Maine Blueberry - An appealing table wine of “desert wine” alcohol levels, highlighting undertones of plum, elderberry and grape. As always only the top grade of Maine wild berries is selected. Serve with meals –perhaps a steak or even a wild game dinner. Try it hot, with mulling spices, for a cold-weather treat.

​​​Strawberry - Dry, intensity of strawberry flavor, moving to an awakening sense of white-wine satisfaction. Enjoy with a Swiss, Madrigal or Yaarlsberg cheese, a wedge of apple or pear, and move on to a tasty chicken or pork dish.

Strawberry – Gold Top - Made with our own organic berries and fermented with organic sugar. Similar taste sensations as our regular Strawberry Wine – just a bit more attention to the natural. A nice dry dinner wine of flavor and character.

Raspberry - Our organic Berries. Of course organic sugar for fermentation. Highly intense raspberry flavor as always, not too sweet but a most prominent berry presence. Loves to be served chilled, with a meal, dessert, or just enjoyment. Anyone should try it with chocolate!!

Kineo Noir - This yummy purple plum and Pinot Noir combo has become a popular favorite. Spicy, earthy, robust, and we like to say “Not your Grannie’s Prune Juice”! Pair with game, rare beef, spicy chilies, and barbecues. A wine of substance and depth.

Kineo Blanc - ​​We’ve paired red Maine plums with pinot-chardonnay grape juices for a semi-sweet, white style table wine….Chilled, and once uncorked it may not make it to the dinner table! The flavor is smooth, well-rounded and complete , with a soft and pleasant finish.

Peach - A modest essence of fresh peach places the emphasis on a smooth, well-rounded and complete character, with a soft, pleasant and satisfying finish. Marvelous with a meal, with hors d’ouvres, desserts or for sipping. Chilling heightens taste sensations favorably.

Katahdin Sunrise - ​Honoring our majestic Mount Katahdin, we are pleased to offer a sprightly and fresh table wine, partnering fresh Maine strawberries with fine pinot-chard juices for a “knife edge” of outstanding flavors and sensations. Chill your wine and let your glass portray the image of early morning mountain dew drops!

Katahdin SUNSET! - The end of the day brings anticipation of a campfire, a hearty meal and a glass of full-bodied red wine. We’re finally able to offer our own northern-hardy wine grapes in combination with Italian Nebbiolo juices, creating a robust, earthy red table wine, suitable for any setting, rustic or refined.

Cranberry Apple - Fresh, flavorful Maine Cranberries are combined with our own organically grown apples to create a semi-sweet wine of lively character. Perfect for all seasons, this wine is one of our most popular, any season, any occasion – a true Taste of New England.

Kokadjolais - This full-bodied red table wine is enjoying its third (as are we!). Maine-grown organic blue plums (our own on a good year) are partnered with Beaujolais grape juices and fermented with organic sugar. The sensation is satisfying, with depth, body and purpose. Here is a wine that accomplishes the task at any opportunity. Invite your heartiest red meat entrée to accept the challenge!

“Catywumpus” - Catywumpus is fermented from our own sweet, crisp organic parsnips when we have them, or from select, organically-grown Maine crops. They are harvested in the spring, laboriously processed, combined and fermented with chardonnay grape juices. You’ll detect the most unusual essences, suggesting exotic and unidentified spices. This is an adventure with an oblique twist.

Strawberry – Rhubarb - Here is a wine that is fruity and light, with the outstanding aroma of strawberries as an opening sensation and a spicy, alert secondary hit. Not too dry, definitely intriguing. Try with salty snacks, but definitely with fruit and dry cheeses, perhaps Jaarlsburg or Swiss.

Merlot - California-born fine juices are processed and fermented by our own careful methods in order to produce a soft, flavorful, inviting red table wine. We have a limited supply this year.

Rad-Berry! - Chocolate and raspberries are magically brought together for an indescribably delicious and balanced experience – two flavors meant to be together. Enjoy just sipping, with a tempting berry-topped cheesecake, a steak, or for a novel treat, as a cooking wine with stewed beef or venison dishes.Type your paragraph here.